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Technology and applied sciences

Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) embraces computing studies as well as the areas traditionally known as Industrial Arts and Home Science.

Courses studied include: textiles technology, industrial technology timber and multimedia, engineering studies, art metal, design and technology, hospitality and much more.

With a brand new commercial kitchen, the latest technology in sewing machines, and fully equipped workshops using industry standard equipment and practice, students have every opportunity to be creative and achieve at the highest level. The work that students regularly present for the HSC is outstanding. Several students have received recognition by having their Major Projects selected for statewide exhibitions, such as DesignTech, InTech and TexStyle.

The courses offered within this learning area are predominately practical and therefore enjoyed by students. They provide skills that students need for life and work as well as providing a credible pathway to the Higher School Certificate. Students completing TAS subjects for the Higher School Certificate can gain considerable marks by doing so. Past TAS students are now studying Law and Medicine and some gained their highest marks in Industrial Technology and Engineering Studies.

Choosing a TAS subject gives students the opportunity to gain valuable skills that may be used in future employment. To this end, wherever possible, students use industry standard equipment and practice. Workshops and kitchens are extremely well equipped. Furthermore students use equipment and tools not usually available in most schools and students are encouraged in the appropriate use of these tools in student projects.

All courses offer a progression of study from Years 7 to 12. Use of projects offer students developmental progression with the necessary complexity of skills and the degree of difficulty gradually increasing.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of selecting a TAS subject is the satisfaction of seeing something materialise from the basic raw materials into a project that is a testimony to the skills of the creator. This achievement is available to all students and is rewarding for both the students and the teachers.

The TAS faculty offers a full range of computing-based courses for students.

The Hospitality Commercial Cooking course enables students to participate in the workforce and many students have been offered full or part time work as a result of this.

A new initiative of the TAS faculty is acceleration of the most academically able students in Design and Technology. Students participating in this program complete their HSC in this subject one year earlier. These students have the opportunity to study in their HSC year an undergraduate university subject.