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Academic extension

Academic extension

In Years 7 and 8 (Stage 4) there are 2 academic classes - one has a focus that is multi-disciplinary and the other focuses on accelerated mathematics. Both have an additional 3 periods. The maths class is fast tracked through the maths curriculum and the multi-disciplinary class will have challenging topics to research. Both courses involve critical thinking and problem solving.

In Stage 5, students who have completed Stage 4 of a Special Program will have the opportunity to:

  • continue in their special program choice, through the study of electives in drama performance, special music or art and culture or art and media, ceramics and visual design
  • accelerate in mathematics, a chosen language and/or design and technology, completing the HSC in this subject while still in Year 11
  • study ‘Beyond Visible’. This elective is mainly for outstanding mathematics and science students

Academically able students who accelerate and complete one HSC subject while in Year 11, have the opportunity to study an undergraduate university subject while in Year 12.