Mosman High School

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Duke of Edinburgh


Our vision is that all young people in Australia are empowered to explore their potential and achieve success through access and participation in The Duke of Ed.


To provide, promote and preserve a framework of Award participation that engages and empowers all young people in Australia to explore their potential.


Young people, regardless of location or circumstance, are the central focus of all of our endeavours.

Meetings are held through the course of the year – however, most time is spent working with participants on a one on one basis.

Pupils are assisted in setting their goals and designing their program, electing assessors, setting up their online record book — and are given ongoing support, assistance, guidance and encouragement. All levels are offered — Bronze, Silver and Gold. Subscriptions from participants monies are remitted to DoE

‘Volunteering/community service’ is available via assistance in our school library.

Art skills have art staff as assessors — and likewise for PE skills.

We facilitate the expedition/excursions – this is out-sourced to providers e.g. Colloroy Centre

During and on conclusion of the programme the participants’ record is monitored and validated to get the award. Their progress is closely monitored and ‘signed off’ on the online record book. We participate in (full day) professional development/accreditation courses at Homebush.

Certificates are presented at assemblies (unless pupil prefers ‘no ceremony’) For more information about The Duke of Ed: