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The Mosman Special Dance program is designed for students with talent in the artform of Dance.

The study of dance as an artform is the philosophical base of the Dance Years 7-10 Syllabus. 'Dance as an artform' distinguishes the content and teaching approaches that are used in the teaching of dance as art in education. It underpins the student's artistic, aesthetic and cultural education through dance. The conceptual basis of the study of dance as an artform centres on the three practices of performance, composition and appreciation of dance as works of art. Equal emphasis is placed on the processes of experience and end products. Students learn both movement principles and stylised techniques, and they learn through both problem solving and directed teaching. The development of creativity, imagination and individuality is emphasised equally with knowledge of theatre dance. 


Classes will be timetabled as 5 periods a cycle in which students will learn about performance, composition and appreciation components of Dance education. They will study various styles of Dance with a different focus each term. Examples of topics include Musical Theatre, Graham technique and Classical ballet. 

Along with timetabled lessons students will attend workshops throughout the year, as well as performances outside school including Sydney Dance Company and Bangarra Dance Theatre performances. Students will also participate in the annual Sydney North Dance festival as well as Schools Spectacular and various other school performances evenings throughout the year.

Mosman High School has a history of outstanding performance in the HSC in Dance and the foundations of contemporary dance technique will be taught in the Dance Program in Years 7 and 8. It s expected that students elect to study the Stage 5 Elective Dance course in Years 9 and 10 before moving into Stage 6 Dance in Years 11 and 12.