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International students

An international student is someone who:

  • Is the principal holder of a student visa subclass 571P
  • has enrolment at Mosman High arranged by the International Students Centre
  • is a full fee paying student

Most of our international students attending Mosman High come from China, but we also have students from Germany, France, Russia, Belarus, Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Brazil.

The International Students Centre (ISC) is responsible for the enrolment of international students in NSW government schools.

For further information about entry requirements, application procedures, welfare arrangements, fees and payment contact:

International Students Centre
Locked Bag 53, Darlinghurst, NSW 1300, Australia
Tel: (+61) 1300 300 229
Web enquiries:

Roles of staff

  • The Principal conducts initial interviews with parents, guardian and student.
  • The ESL staff coordinate and teach ESL classes and the English Fundamental classes.

Most international students require ESL support and are initially placed in these classes.

  • The Counsellor supports students who may experience difficulties from time to time.
  • The International Students’ Coordinator oversees the integration and monitors the progress of the students.
  • Currently the International Students’ Coordinator is Ms Smith. She is found in the English Staffroom.

Role of the International Students’ Coordinator

The International Student’s Coordinator is appointed by the Principal to carry out the following duties:

  • conducts an orientation program for new students
  • organises books and other ongoing learning requirements for the students
  • liaises with the International Students’ Centre regarding student compliance with visa regulations and accommodation and welfare arrangements
  • monitors ongoing attendance of the students
  • monitors academic progress of the students
  • ensures visa requirements are adhered to by the students
  • liaises with staff
  • contacts parents and guardians when necessary
  • checks and completes semester returns to ISC
  • counsels the students regarding their welfare
  • advises students on a range of issues which students face in a new country
  • organises social and cultural events such as Chinese New Year lunch and outings
  • assists with the accommodation arrangements for students when need arises

Requirements of an International Student

International students must fulfill all school requirements at all times. They must also meet some external requirements.

Attendance Requirements

The Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA) requires students to have a minimum of 80% attendance for each term and semester of enrolment.

The school monitors attendance every week. In any given term, a student must not be away for more than 7 days. If an unforeseen circumstance or illness prevents a student from regular attendance, then a Doctor’s Certificate must be brought to the school.

Visa Regulations

There are a number of regulations attached to a student visa, including:

  • meet attendance requirements (explained above)
  • meet course requirements
  • students under 18 years must maintain their accommodation and welfare arrangements as approved by DIMA or ISC.
  • Students must request approval to change these arrangements.
  • students must notify their school within 7 days of any changes to their address or contact details
  • students must not defer or suspend their studies unless there are exceptional circumstance such as serious illness or bereavement. Students must obtain the principal’s approval.
  • students must not change their education provider for the first 12 months of study
  • students with a work permit must not work more than 20 hours per week during school term (it is strongly recommended that school students do not work more than 10 hours)

Board of Studies Requirements

It is expected that students complete all class, homework and assessment tasks. Any Year 10, 11 and 12 students who fail to complete tasks to a satisfactory standard will be notified about their failure to complete Board of Studies requirements.

CRICOS provider name: NSW Department of Education – Schools CRICOS provider code: 00588M