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The aim of the Special Music program is to enable students to develop knowledge and skills in each of the individual areas of performing, composing and listening, the integration of experiences in these areas enhances the understanding and manipulation of the concepts of music in differing musical contexts. The program provides students with the opportunity to build on the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes gained in Stage 3 and encourage the desire to continue learning in formal and informal musical settings leading toward Stage 6. The curriculum structure is adaptable enough to meet the needs and abilities of students whose interests range from the broadly based to the pursuit of specialised musical knowledge and skills.



Students participate in any form of practical music making in solo and/or ensemble situations. The development of performance skills is fostered by providing performance opportunities in a variety of media, styles and genres according to individual needs, interests, abilities and school resources.


Students develop skills in composing from continued involvement in a wide range of experiences in classroom activities. This includes both individual and group work.


Students make judgements about their use in a range of repertoire. Listening involves studying sound in relation to musical scores to understand how composers have used and manipulated the concepts of music in their works.

Music Tutoring Program/Ensembles

In addition to our Stages 4-6 music curriculum, a special music tutoring program is offered to students in areas such as drums, guitar/bass guitar, woodwinds (clarinet, flute and saxophone), piano, vocal, brass (trumpet and trombone). This is a growing component of our music curriculum.

In addition the school operates music ensembles including concert bands, jazz ensembles, a string ensemble, a percussion ensemble, guitar ensemble and vocal ensembles, which meet on a weekly basis. Our students perform at a range of school and community functions.

Mandatory Membership
Students who are in special music or music elective must participate in our music ensembles as appropriate to their instrument.

Music Ensembles

The Music Ensembles Program is administered by the music faculty with support from a parent committee. (See P&C). The Committee establishes an annual calendar of performances for the bands and ensembles both within and outside the school.