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Special programs

Special Programs commencing in Year 7

Mosman High School offers special programs in dance, drama, academic, music, and visual arts courses commencing in Year 7 and then progressing into Year 8 for talented students. The innovative programs offered, reflect a caring, disciplined student centered environment that aims to motivate students to seek further challenges.

These programs are only available to students who have completed an audition process involving the presentation of a portfolio, a performance, or an exam.

Mosman High can provide these courses within the context of an excellent comprehensive high school with a history of outstanding performance in the HSC in dance, drama, academia, music, and visual arts. Some Special Programs will be allocated additional hours, possibly after school.

Special Programs Facilities

Facilities include theatre spaces for drama which have sophisticated lighting and sound equipment, as well as a purpose built dance studio.

The visual arts faculty has its own building which houses five art rooms, two darkrooms, a resource room, excellent kiln facilities and a new multimedia computer facility. The music department has, apart from three excellent music rooms, several tutorial rooms, including a specialised drum room and three performance spaces.

The objectives of the Special Programs are to:

  • provide opportunities for students to develop their creative and academic skills
  • provide opportunities for young people to express their own views, issues and concerns within a creative environment
  • recognise the need for commitment in the creative arts and learning generally
  • respond to a variety of resources
  • appreciate dance, theatre, art and music as a community and cultural activity
  • provide opportunities for acceleration for academically able students