Mosman High School

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Years 7-12

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The Sirius Library

Library hours: Monday – Friday, 8.50am–3:30pm

  • Students are always welcome in the library
  • Students using the library are expected to behave in a quiet manner as there are always students doing private study
  • Bags must be left on the bag racks provided inside the front door before the security gate. Please keep valuables and money with you in the library. Do not leave them in your bag
  • You are not permitted to play games on the computers


Completion of homework is essential to satisfy course requirements. Students in all years should note that completion of assessment tasks alone does not constitute satisfactory completion of a course. Consult your student assessment booklet to help plan for upcoming tasks.

At Mosman High School, home study can take many forms. For example:

  • revision of the lessons of the day
  • work on term assignments, where topics are known to students many weeks in advance
  • end of topic assignments which are given to students when a topic of work has been completed – work should begin on these as soon as they have been set
  • reading of novels
  • completion of daily class work
  • undertaking research for essays or assignments
  • preparation for examinations and tests
  • preparation for assessment tasks

No student can legitimately say “But I don’t have any homework”. Your diary is designed to help you organise your home study.

Homework responsibilities include:

  • bringing your homework diary to all lessons writing all homework in the homework diary completing all homework to the best of your ability completing homework within the time set
  • planning for the completion of homework within the time set, taking into account other commitments
  • beginning work on major assignments when they are set and managing your work and time so that you do not have to rush the work in the final days before it is due
  • a bibliography acknowledging sources of information, including internet addresses if requested
  • when handing in homework/assignments, do not include a direct download from the internet or a direct copy from any other source as your own work. This is called plagiarizing.
  • finding out what homework/assignments were set during any absence from school and negotiating a catch-up and/or extension time with your teacher. Extensions are subject to faculty and/or other school assessment policy guidelines.

Dress Code

It is a requirement of the Mosman High School Dress Code that all students wear appropriate clothing at all times.

  • Students must wear clothes that are neat, clean and in good repair. 
  • Clothing that is too revealing or brief is not suitable as school wear. Singlet tops and/or thin strapped tops are unacceptable. All tops must completely cover the torso. Shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh. 
  • Closed-in shoes must be worn. Open-toed shoes/thongs are not permitted under the NSW Occupational Health and Safety Act. 
  • Offensive slogans and advertising of commodities such as alcohol are unacceptable on any clothing. 
  • Hats/caps and sunglasses are recommended when outside.