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The major aim of the Special Drama program is to capture and refine the skills of those students who are talented and have a passion for performance. It is designed for students to express themselves in a creative working space and to share collaborative ideas.

Both the processes and performances of drama are valued equally. Participants in drama processes create meaning by interacting actively, creatively and imaginatively through improvised, spontaneous and structured responses. Participants in drama performance create meaning through their relationship with the audience and experience of this engagement is essential in dramatic presentations.



Students participate in the creation of drama and theatre process work. They develop and explore imagining and creating fictional situations in both dramatic and theatrical environments. Improvisation and play building are key methods of making which involve a group of students collaborating to devise their own work.


Students actively engaging in acting and performing drama and theatre for different audiences.


Students respond to, inquire into, investigate and critically study a range of drama and theatre experiences.