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How to apply

How to apply

Students wishing to enrol in this program should be prepared to:

  • participate in the audition process (in drama and/or music)
  • submit a portfolio (in visual arts)
  • sit an examination (for academic extension)


Closing date for applications: Wednesday, 9 March 2022

Applicants need to print out the application form and return the form with payment and proof of address to the school by the due date.



Date of Academic Extension Test:

Monday, 21 March 2022 - Mosman Public School students 

Tuesday, 15 March 2022 - All other schools

(only those who have applied will be able to sit the test)

Auditions and presentation of portfolios will occur in the week commencing Monday, 14 March 2022. Applicants will be advised of time and day.

Cost per application: $50.00


Drama Audition

The audition will consist of:

  • Warm-up games
  • Scene work
  • Performance of one of the selected monologues


Performance criteria:

  • Voice
  • Characterisation
  • Movement
  • Audience awareness
  • Team work

At the end of the audition, be prepared for a short interview concerning your performance and expectations of the course.

Music Audition

The audition will consist of:

  • Performance of 2 contrasting pieces
  • 2 x major and 2 x minor scales of your choice
  • Sight reading

Performance criteria:

  • Musicality
  • Skill
  • Presentation
  • Communication

Visual Arts Portfolio

An interview will take place by appointment for presentation of your portfolio. The portfolio should:

  • Consist of mainly recent work in any medium or media.
  • Not be too large (able to be easily transportable). Suggest A2 maximum.
  • Limit the number of work from between 6 to 10 pieces.
  • Student to be present when portfolio is reviewed and should be able to talk about their work and ideas.

Academic Extension Test

Students wishing to enrol in this program should provide a copy of their Year 5 NAPLAN results and be prepared to sit the academic test.

Applicants must provide a passport size photograph. The academic test will be conducted on Monday 21 March, 2022 for Mosman Public School students and Tuesday 15 March, 2022 for students from all other schools.

Students will be tested in the areas of English, maths, science and writing. Students should arrive 10 minutes before the examination and bring something to eat and drink as there will be a break.

The examination can take up to two and a half hours.

In addition to this, if students wish to apply for the Academic Extension - Mathematics Accelerated stream, they will be required to complete an additional 30 minute accelerated maths paper.